As you most likely already know, a successful surgery will result in shorter recovery times and limit the effects of post-surgery complications. But, limiting is far from the same thing as eliminating. One can expect to still have some pain and quite commonly experience a recurrence in the problem area. We are here to give assistance to those that will have these complications and worse that happened because of a defective product. Manufacturers that create these devices have a responsibility to make the products they make safe for use. Defective products often times result in painful complications that cost a lot of money, in the form of more time out of work and months of recovery due to additional procedures. This leaves victims with high medical bills and loss of wages. Plaintiffs who file individual cases receive higher settlements than if they join class action suits. Regardless how the cases are being brought to light, these cases are being settled and many people are getting justice for their medical malpractice. Below is a list of settled cases to give you an idea of the severity of the crimes committed.

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